Webinar #1 /// ICOs and tokens in the energy field /// RECORDINGS


Blockchain is finding its way to mainstream adoption. Being on top of the hype cycle at the current moment, its applications are scrutinized in various industries, of which the energy sector is no exception. Many of these explored applications include the tokenization of energy or related certificates and their corresponding initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales. These ICOs recently attracted a great deal of media coverage, often with a negative connotation due to scams, bans and bubbles. This webinar will provide you a full understanding of the concept, discussing it from various perspectives.

Speakers & Topics

Abraham Cambridge (The Sun Exchange)

  • How and why energy is tokenized
  • Different applications for the tokens
  • Experience and lessons learned from The Sun Exchange

Artüras Asakavicius (WePower)

  • The basics of an ICO
  • Regulatory/legal barriers
  • Experience and lessons learned from WePower

David Orban (Network Society Ventures)

  • The investors perspective
  • ICOs vs. traditional approaches
  • How to identify the proper ones?
  • Bubble or no bubble?

Webinar #2 /// Blockchain-enabled use cases for utilities /// RECORDINGS

Webinar Broadcast

The proliferation of blockchain technology in the energy sector has seen a remarkable new breadth of applications for utilities. Utilities are facing an extremely uncertain future with the advent of disintermediated p2p energy transactions. Nonetheless, utilities can use blockchain to enhance and develop new business models. This webinar will present the opportunities that blockchain offers to utilities along with a real-world example.

Speakers & Topics

David Groarke (Indigo)

  • What advantages blockchain provides to the energy sector
  • Overview of use cases for utilities
  • Examples, trends and results

Killian Tobin (OmegaGrid)

  • Real-world example: the Sonoma project
  • Key learnings and challenges for the future

Webinar #3 /// Vehicle-to-Grid Potential - Early Experiences /// RECORDINGS


With the decentralization of power production and the prospect of millions of high-draw consumption points being added in the form of electric vehicles, there is an increasing need for flexibility in the energy system. In this webinar we will explore how and to what extent vehicles can be an effective resource for the grid. This will be done by sharing and discussing data and insights of seven pilot projects from around the world.

Speakers & Topics

Abigail Tinker

  • Smart Charging Pilot with BMW
  • Technical Feasibility & Customer Engagement

Hugo Niesing

  • V2X: Vehicle-to-Business, Vehicle-to-Home, Vehicle-to-Street and Vehicle-2-Neighbourhood
  • Introduction of new businesses for renewable energy and ultra-low emission mobility services