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By Leoncio Montemayor

2017 has been a rollercoaster of a ride for the blockchain and energy field. According to our research, 29 different projects have been started this year. This is in contrast to 20 from 2016 and just 7 in 2015. Will 2018 continue the upward trend?

Talking about history, the first ever energy trade through a blockchain happened back in April 2016 with LO3 Energy’s Brooklyn Microgrid project. This week, LO3 Energy announced the launch of their token, Exergy. Exergy will empower people around the world to move towards transactive energy systems. In other news, Power Ledger, along with other stakeholders, were awarded 8M USD for a water and energy project in Fremantle (Australia). Canadian BTL raised 12M USD to expand the marketing regarding their platform Interbit. In Germany, a blockchain-based platform for energy trading was launched to support renewable projects that will reach the end of their support period. Finally, a data service platform for the energy sector was just announced this week in Germany.

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LO3 Launches Exergy

 LO3 Energy, an energy-tech company set to disrupt energy grids across the globe, announced the launch of its patented blockchain software and transactive energy system that will revolutionize the energy industry. Exergy (a term that is also used in reference to useful energy during transmission) is used here to refer to a distributed ledger that functions on grid-connected hardware, a token system for transactive energy and a foundation that advances market design and technology in tandem. Exergy generates, controls and secures the data required to enable price as a proxy for control and optimal operation of electric power systems.


Australian Government Awards Grant to $8 Million Project In The City Of Fremantle Using The Power Ledger Platform

Today the Australian government announced they will provide $2.57 million in funding for a cutting edge project in the City of Fremantle and $5.68 million will be funded through project partners including Curtin University, Murdoch University, Curtin Institute of Computation, LandCorp, CSIRO/Data61, CISCO and Power Ledger.



Blockchain platform launched to market local wind power

The west German city of Wuppertal's municipal-owned energy company has launched a blockchain-based trading platform, allowing customers to buy certified local wind and other renewables generated electricity.